About Us

Based in Wilro Park, Gauteng. We began our journey in 2019. We provide a wide range of services over different industries.

Design Services

We are skilled in CAD, Graphic & Illustration design and offer an all in one design service

Manufacture Services

We provide various CNC cutting services along with 3D printing.

Web Services

We are focused on the continues development of our website builder tool for WordPress, this enables us to build websites that are fast, reliable and responsive


If you want to make your next wedding or event stand out from the rest, we offer decor & stationary along with our new mirror photobooth!

We operates by learning, innovating, creating, and above all, making our customers happy.

by Ryno Castelyn – Founder


We Believe...

Teamwork, Makes The Dream Work!

We’re a husband and wife team, professional makers, designers, and expert high fivers, who love creating & learning new things. We met when we were 28 and two years later we got married, bought a house, and proceeded to DIY the heck out of it. After a few years of figuring things out, we decided to put our skills to the test and Infinity Factory was born.

by Ryno Castelyn – Founder

Ryno Castelyn

Product Design & Manufacturing Specialist

Daniella Castelyn

Brand Manager & Creative Designer