Professionally Designed Websites

Web Design done with your customers needs in mind. Modern web design is much more complex than just creating a site that is visually appealing. We take user experience (UX), search engine optimization (SEO), content, web structure and technical details into account when developing a website that can out preform your competition in today’s marketplace.


We have a web design & development that has established strategic online services to ensure that your business sees maximum online growth. This includes WordPess & e-Commerce websites solutions focused on reliability, usability and responsive design. Creative branding development that injects personality into your business to set you apart from the competition.


Whether you need a simple WordPress website to get your business established online, or more complicated e-Commerce website, we have the team to get you there and help you make your vision a reality.

WordPress Development

WordPress is easy to use, search engine friendly, it provides flexible development platform and with our Infinity Web Fusion module allows up to make the most of the CMS platform, this allows for a user-friendly experience and allows pages to be easily made on the fly. WordPress currently shares a 50-60% global CMS market share.


> Very easy to edit pages

> Search engine optimized

> Immensely customized platform

> Most popular CMS in the world

Responsive Web Design

Mobile devices currently account for over 50% of all web traffic, that is why it is imperative to ensure your site is mobile-friendly. That’s why we are dedicated to building responsive website, so your business does not miss out on any traffic. This enables your website to look great on any size screen, and adjust perfectly to the devices such as PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones. We are committed to provide professionally developed sites for all your business needs.


> Mobile-friendly & responsive

> Designed for all devices
> Positive UX & UI experience
> Search engine optimized

WooCommerce = eCommerce

WooCommerce is a flexible eCommerce solution built on WordPress. Whether you’re launching a business, taking an existing brick and mortar store online, or designing sites for clients you can get started quickly and build exactly the store you want. Sell products 24/7 with a delightful customer experience you won’t find anywhere else.


> Powers over 28% online stores.

> Built on WordPress

> Easy store management

> eCommerce optimization

Our Web Design Process

1. Website Design: Audit Phase

This is where we sit down with you and learn about your brand and how the website design will help move it forward.


What Will Your Website Do?

What functions and features will your website have? What kind of content do you want to put out there? What are your overall marketing goals? We won’t ask for your social security number, we promise! But we will be thorough.


Customer  Insights

Think you know your customers well? We’ll investigate this further so we can identify what kind of content interests your customers, their demographic data and what kind of information keeps them engaged.


From Here To There

We can’t set and measure goals if we don’t know where you started. We’ll audit your current website, SEO and marketing efforts and set benchmarks based on where you want to go.


Competitor Who?

Do you know how you stack up against your competition? You should. We’ll research their websites to see what content is resonating with their audience, how effective their keywords are and what they are doing online. Then, we will design a website that will give you an edge with design, usability and SEO.

2. Website Design: Creative Phase

Once we’ve gathered all the necessary insights on you and your competitors, it’s time to put together the building blocks of your website.


Website Sitemap

First we’ll map out all of the pages for the website so that we can start developing the content. The sitemap is the basic structure of the navigation, and is extremely helpful in the next steps of the process.


Style Tile

The style tile is a brand guideline for your website. In this stage, we map out the fonts and colors we will use, and provide examples of how they will be used. Common items that are show in this stage are headline and paragraph font styles, colors and size, navigation styles and the style of images that may be used.


Website Wire-frame

The wire-frame is the blueprints for your website. We put the structural ideas into a design so that you understand the positioning of major items and the flow from page to page.

3. Website Design: Development Phase

The website development stage is when the website design starts coming together.  We start the coding process and pull the sitemap, style tiles, wire-frames and content together to build the design and layout of the web pages.


By the time we get to the website development stage, you have been involved and seen all of the pieces that make up the web design, now you are able to click from page to page and use a functional, responsive website.


The development phase is the longest of the four phases in our web design process, this is where most of the work is being done with page layout, custom graphics, icons, info graphics, text layout and all of the responsive coding to make the site work across all devices.

4. Website Design: Launch Phase

The launch stage is very important, this is where we prepare the site to transition to a live environment and make sure nothing was left out or overlooked.


Cross-Browser Testing

There are so many variations of computer operating systems, browsers, devices, resolutions and personalized settings, you will always find a view that looks a little off. We have a team of third-party testers from all walks of life that use the site with the intention of finding something wrong.


Domain Mapping, 301’s & 404’s

When launching a new website or redesigning a current website, we want to map URL’s to keep or improve SEO.  We also install tracking programs such as Google Analytics and submit your sitemap to the major search engines.


After The Website Design

Once the website is designed and launched, then what?  We are here to assist with all website maintenance and website marketing efforts thought our monthly retained services programs or flat-rate blocks of time.  A successful web design project is a successful website that helps build your business.

5. Website Design: Training Phase

The website training stage is when the website has been launch.  We start the training process and explain the steps to add and edit pages and content in your new website.


We will guide you through every step ensuring you have all the tools and skills to add your own content. As part of our website maintenance service, we also offer this service as we know there might not always be time to do it yourself.


The training phase is easy to learn, this is where you get to see all the hard work we put in on the back-end of the site and develop a understanding of how things work.

Why use our web design service?

If you don’t value your business enough to invest in professionally design website, how can you expect prospective clients to be willing to pay for your products or services?


Having a professionally designed website, helps by increasing your own brand awareness, and increases both your online and offline presence of your business substantially and future growth. Our sites are designed to be search engine optimized. We know how search engines work and how they rank sites, this allows us to take advantage our our vast knowledge and grow your brand.


At Infinity Factory we are committed to achieving excellence and because your satisfaction is one of our top priorities, we consider our clients creative needs and offer innovating and creative designs solutions.

Some of our most common website features include:





  •  Search Engine Friendly Websites

  • Fast Load Time On Desktop and Mobile

  • Automatic Image Compression and Sizing

  • Easy to Add Pages

  • Built-in Blog

  • Photo Gallery

  • Contact Form

  • Daily Backups, Hourly Backups for E-commerce

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • Dedicated Team of Experts